About SnapFast

We were born out of a need to make Magento faster. Our roots started in 2010 as a Certified Magento development agency. Over the years we had many customers coming to us for one thing: speed up Magento. After about a year of research, benchmarking, trial and error we finally had the beginnings of a Magento optimized hosting environment that would later become SnapStack™.

Eventually the development stopped as we moved 100% into Magento optimized hosting. From day 1 our goal has been simple: make Magento run as quickly as possible. Today this remains our mission as we focus 100% on optimized Magento hosting. Second to that mission comes outstanding support that truly goes above and beyond. Our fully managed magento hosting environment never comes at an extra cost.

The final combination of premium hardware, software highly tuned for Magento, and expert staff make SnapFast the best Magento hosting provider around.

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On average our hardware is 24% faster than our average competitor. When a 1 second delay in load time can cause as much as a 40% drop in sales, it's vital that your site runs as fast as possible. This is precisely why we only utilize the fastest hardware available.


We have literally spent years creating the optimum environment for Magento. Our SnapStack™ is highly optimized for Magento from the ground up. The result is a faster, more stable website. Magento doesn't have to be slow!


Focusing 100% on Magento gives us an edge over the competition. All our staff is very familiar with the inner workings of Magento and more than willing to lend a hand.