How to Disable a Magento Extension

March 18, 2015

If you install an extension to Magento and it crashes your site or causes some odd errors, don’t panic. Luckily it’s fairly simple to disable any extension in Magento. Nine times out of ten this will stabilize things enough to bring your site back up until you can troubleshoot the issue.

Magento Admin

Magento Disable Extension from Admin

Provided you can still access the Magento admin, this is by far the easiest way to disable an extension.

  1. Login to Magento admin
  2. Navigate to System > Configuration and on the left side under Developer (toward the bottom) click on Advanced.
  3. Find the extension and simply change Enabled to Disabled
  4. Save
  5. Refresh Magento caches ( System > Cache Management)
  6. Re-run compilation (if it was previously enabled) in System > Tools > Compiler.

File Manager or FTP

Disable Magento Extension FTP

You can use this method via FTP or some kind of control panel file manager.

  1. Login to FTP or your online file manager
  2. Navigate to the app/etc/modules/ folder
  3. Find the .xml file for your extension. It usually looks like Company_Extension.xml
  4. Rename the file and change the .xml to anything else. We usually like to do
    1. Quick Tip: Instead of renaming the file to create the folder /app/etc/modules/disabled/ and move the .xml file into the disabled/ folder. This makes it easier to view all the extensions you have disabled
  5. Refresh Magento caches
  6. Re-run compilation (if it was previously enabled)

Alternative Method

  1. Navigate to the app/etc/modules/ folder
  2. Open the .xml file for your extension
  3. Find the line that looks like <active>true</active> and simply change it to <active>true</active>
  4. Save
  5. Refresh caches
  6. Re-run compilation (if it was previously enabled)

SSH / Shell

Disable Magento Extension SSH

This step is essentially the same as the File Manager / FTP step above, just the command line equivalent.

  1. Connect to your server via SSH
  2. Navigate to the Magento modules directory
    1. cd /home/{username}/public_html/app/etc/modules/
  3. Disable the extension
    1. Method 1: mv Company_Extension.xml
    2. Method 2: mkdir disabled/; mv Company_Extension.xml disabled/
  4. Refresh caches
  5. Re-run compilation (if it was previously enabled)

Still Not Working?

If your site is still not working try checking for the maintenance.flag file inside your root Magento directory. Usually when installing extensions using the Magento Connect Manager it creates a file called maintenance.flag. The mere presence of this file tells Magento that you’re doing some maintenance so redirect all visits to your maintenance page. Sometimes if the connect manager crashes before the insallation is complete, this file doesn’t get automatically deleted and must be removed manually.

Simply use FTP, File Manager, or SSH and look for maintenance.flag inside your main directory (usually /home/{username}/public_html/) and delete it. That’s it!